Welcome to my Animations Page!

Since I usually do animation services for a major animation studio, I rarely have time to do my own personal animation. It’s either I am too swamped with work or I don’t have an idea for a story. But early in my career I had the time, and I had some ideas.

Here are some animations that I made using Flash from way back when I was still trying to learn it:


I made this animation when I was still trying to learn Flash sometime in 2003. It was based on a joke that I use to tell way back in college. This particular animation is very significant; I purposely made it so that I will get noticed by the animation director! Suffice to say, it paved the way to my career in animation:


Shortly after completing “Ice Cold Green Juice”, I followed it up with this piece. Way back then I was experimenting on how to do frame-be-frame animation in Flash. As luck would have it, the system that I was trying to learn and develop was the same one being used in actual production:


17 comments on “Animations

  1. Hi Thousand_Master!

    It takes me quite a while to do these movies. It all depends on how complex it is and the availability of all the elements such as the background and the character elements. Sometimes it would just take hours, some would take weeks depending on how complex the movements are. It’s all fun and games so I never think about how long it takes to do them!



  2. Hi Randy

    I just started with animation and wanted to know if you could give me some pointers on where and what to focus on. Please help eager to learn.

    Thanks and keep up with the creativity.


  3. Hi Tomas,

    I can only give you the advice that I got from my mentor when I first started in animation: work on your drawing skills. Study anatomy and just keep practicing; the rest will follow. Oh, and have fun while you are doing it!

    Thanks for dropping by!


  4. sir randy!!!

    remember me?

    well i accidentaly found your site and it is reaaly cool..

    and i am realy inspired by your photography, gaganda ng sets nyo, actually i am also starting to love the art…

    nga pala i was one of your trainees back in topdraw

  5. hi randy,

    awesome blog you got here! cute, very decent looking, yet a bit sentimental.
    na-miss ko bigla yung flash training natin dati sa topdraw.
    i am very happy you are doing great in your life and career. God Bless.

    odi L.
    (utol ni mila-printing)

  6. Even though I’m not a person who enjoys reading blogs, I must admit – yours [which i found accidentally] is very interesting to visit! I love everything: the animations and your photographic skills. Great job!

    I might even reconsider applying for a business university as my drawing skills are quite good. Seeing someone like u, who has achieved so much through doin’ smth he loves makes me wanna try too.

    Hope everything in your life goes well 🙂

    Appreciate your ARTwork & sense of humor 😀

    Anna 🙂

  7. woow…….. was not in touch for a long time seeing your work makes me come back in touch with it i mean animation………..can i see your more work,,,,or can u teach me something so that i can also gain something…… id is ……….

    • Hi farzana, thanks for dropping by!

      Unfortunately, I don’t have much personal work to show. Most of my animation work are from the projects and job that I have worked on as a independent contractor.

      With regards to teaching you something, I would rather suggest that you read up on animation and try your hand at it. Nothing beats trying it out for yourself.

      Good luck!

  8. hi randy

    i’m here in edmonton looking by some sites for an animator i came across on your blog nice work you have there can u give me an advice i want to be an animator like you i like to draw diff. kinds specially superheroes marvel characters dont know where to start should i go to vocational course i need my talent in drawing to grow just like you need advice for the master more power and god bless!


  9. Hi Sir,
    wow nakakainspire po talaga kayo, nag te training din po ako as cleanup and inbetween artist dito sa camsur, next week daw po mag lalightbox na kami. yey, excited na talga ako,
    practice lang po ako ng practice pero may problema po ako, di masyadong smooth quality ng lines ko, T_T,, any pointers po?uhm saka po ba if ever maka graduate na me as an inbetweener and clean up artist, my mga pwede po ba akong maaplayan sa manila?


    2d cleanup & in between trainee,.
    camsur animation training program

  10. Hi Randy,
    I do not know if you remember me. I am Gilbert L. Concepcion, the aspiring flash animator that wrote you before. I am really inspired by your works, and now I am working as a flash animator in a gaming company. Now, I put a blog ( for my fellow Filipinos who want to learn the things I learned from many people including you.I wish to add your blog in my site if you will permit me and mention you in my blog posts in the future.

    Gilbert L. Concepcion

    • Hi Gilbert,

      Congratulations on your new blog! I completely remember how you first started it and I am glad at how you progressed from then. I am also happy that you have achieved your target to become an animator too!

      Please feel free to add my blog to your site, I am very flattered that you had to ask for that.

      Have a nice day, and congratulations again!

      Best regards,


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