4 comments on “BB-8 Broken Antenna.

    • Hi there. Sorry to hear you had the same issue. You may want to try and contact Sphero directly and let them know what happened. I took a chance and was told that they will send me a replacement head, though I still have not received any in the mail. That was roughly three weeks ago that I wrote them an email.

  1. Hi my name is Alexis King i am 9 yrears old i was so excited when my stepdad had just bought my BB8 for Christmas & i tried it out & when i did on the comands i set it on to roam around and when i went to look for it i found it with only one antenna i’m so heart broken because i think it crashed into something & it brike off even though it still works but i don’t know it will how long it will last so i put it back in the box to sit..please help!
    Heart broken!
    Alexis K.😔😢

    • Hi Alexis! I am sorry to hear about your Sphero BB-8 antenna breaking off. It happened to mine too! You may ask your stepdad to contact Sphero directly and let them know what happened. Replacement heads for the BB-8 is available and you can get one from them. Don’t worry about BB-8; his antenna may be broken but he will still continue to work! Don’t let the broken antenna stop you from having fun with your Droid! If it bothers you that bad, you can get a replacement head and then use the one with the broken antenna for when you set him to go roam around! Hope that helps!

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