2 comments on “Wacom Cintiq 20WSX Turns One Year Old Today!

  1. Hi!

    I have a question about leasing.
    Which leasing company did you use and what were the options ?
    I am going to email few places, but would love to hear form you!
    Thank You!
    MArta Rawvolta

    • Hi Marta! Thanks for dropping by!

      I leased my Cintiq from a local authorized distributor here in Calgary. There’s not much option to talk about other than the term you want for the lease (24 months or 36 months) and what you want to do at the end of the lease (pay the fair market value for the equipment to keep it or return it). For my Cintiq I was offered a 36 month lease term and a fixed payment option at the end of the lease should I want to keep it (which amounts to roughly 10% the cost of the equipment).

      You can check Wacom’s website for any authorized dealer in your local and then send some inquiries their way. I guess what you need to look at is how much interest they would charge you for the lease. In my case, I was not able to compare lease rates because at that time I was in a rush to complete a project and needed the equipment badly. However, the dealer that I got my Cintiq from were very friendly and the same goes for their leasing agent.

      Hope that helps!


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