3 comments on “In Snow A Bare Body Scale Figure Does Not Belong

  1. Hey, you also bought a Hot Toys Bats! Being a big batfan, I bought 2: the original and TDK version. Now, I’m wrestling with myself not to buy the HT tumbler or batpod. There’s a community out there passionate about 1/6th “dolls.” Here’s a venue where I’m also a member, my username is 70thSith:


    • Hi Patrick! So happy to hear from you; long time no see!

      You are right about the community of passionate 1/6 scale collectors; I intended to write about them as I am completely amazed by it!

      I am also in the same boat as you; I’m really struggling with myself on wether I should get the other figures in the series, particularly the Joker. There are other future releases such as Hellboy II and the Godfather that I am closely looking at because of the beauty of the sculpting. I have to watch myself with these purchases, though, because my wife is closely watching my spending!

      Keep in touch!


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