2 comments on “My Mac Pro and 30″ Cinema Display Turns One Year Old Today.

  1. Hello Randy,

    It’s been awhile since the last time I commented your blog. Where did you lease your mac pro? I am thinking about getting a macbook pro, but would rather lease than purchase it.

    Also have you upgraded to flash cs4 yet? Hope all is well.


    • Hello Bryan, nice to hear from you again!

      I leased my Mac Pro through the Online Apple Store. Leasing was a good decision for me, but the mistake I did was that I got the lease through the Apple Online Store instead of from a local Mac dealer here in Calgary. I ended up paying a higher lease rate and some pretty expensive shipping cost added to the total cost of my equipment because I failed to take note that the Apple Online Store and the leasing agent is based in Toronto, Ontario. It was only later when I leased my Cintiq from a store based here in Calgary that I realized my mistake; I could have gotten a much friendlier lease rate and avoided the shipping costs altogether. If you plan on leasing one, try to find a dealer close to where you are at so you don’t have to pay for any shipping and avoid the mistake I had.

      With regards to upgrading to Flash CS4, no, I have not upgraded yet. The studio where I get my work from are still running under Flash CS3 so I kept my version and will only upgrade if the studio asks me to.

      Have a nice day!

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