3 comments on “Minor Update.

  1. So is this now working with your Cintiq 20Wsx? I just purchased this monitor and am getting a new computer this week. I am an illustrator not in animation. I am still on the fence as to a new tower (which i have always had) or the 3gz imac to save a little money and not go into over kill with the computer.

  2. Hi Woofy! Yes, it does work with my Cintiq 20WSX, Mac OSX 10.5.1 I mean. I do not dare install the new software updates. I have been running the set up under 10.5.1 for a number of weeks now and it has been trouble-free since the downgrade.

    I might try it out with the latest Software Update, 10.5.5, but only after I have completed all my projects.

    Thanks for dropping by!


  3. I have followed this tale of the bamboo for a while elsewhere . I purchased the cheap “Fun” edition of the bamboo. This would be used for sketches.

    Once mounted I had no control over my function keys..could not set the brightness on my monitor ( imac) and could not get rid of the beachball of death . I have no access to brush tips at all.

    Imac Intel. Leopard current. I gig ram.

    I hope the Pest Buy manager is in a good mood today else I have another piece of junk for the trash. It might go in with my iomega hard drive I can’t control either.

    Glad you got yours to function.

    Len Smith

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