3 comments on “Three Years in Calgary Now.

  1. Was searching for any info on the crashing mac after updating to 10.5.4 and bump into your blog.
    Happen to read about this.
    Just remember, a man with a dream will not be denied.

  2. Heya Randy!,

    Kmsta ka na? I’ve read your 3 yr.blog about life mo dyan and I’m very happy on what you’ve accomplished in 3yrs. dyan sa Canada, good for you and carry on as always! To tell you the truth mas marami ka pa na accomplish sa akin sa 7yrs. ko going to 8 dito sa Italy, dito medyo tlga mahirap bumwelo but as you said always never let go of your dreams.
    Mga things na given sa atin sa abroad tlgng I can say never in a lifetime mo yata makukuha sa Pinas yon.

    Cguro a few things I’m really happy bout here is and very thankful to God is –

    Mom ko kasi may heart problem na sya sa atin and operated na sya non pa, sabi kasi sa Heart Center non it will take 10 yrs. then klgn nya ng operation ulit after, mga 10 yrs. have passed na, Thank God dito kami inabutan sa Italy, kasi medyo lumala ang condition nya but everything was taken care of it dito for her from her operation, to changing her valves to titanium, theraphy and her medicine and check up every month.
    I remember till this day that I didn’t pay a dime for anything, cguro the only thing I payed was 25 Euro, that was to register her in the hospital na she will be confined and operated in, that’s it.
    We were thinking non kung sa Philippines yon eh you’ll shed as much as 2 million! Saan kami or saan ka kukuha non di ba?

    I’ll share my other blessing later on and hope mag kwentuhan pa tayo more later on!
    Anyways God Bless and take care mate! Ciao!


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