2 comments on “Mac Pro In Semi-Intensive Care; iMac In Service.

  1. I stumbled accross these posts while just searching for reviews of the Cintiq 20WSX. I got excited when i read your intial review because most of the smaller issues you had with it didnt apply to me, such as resolution diffrerences, adaptation from the Intuit series, and menus appearing underneath your hand. Since ive never done anything but natural drawing and the fact that im left handed got me stoked because you didnt seem to have any other real problems with the machine. Then i got to the bottom and saw your update. After reading these posts and replies from various dates i was just wondering if the verdict still is: Macbook Pro+Cintiq 20WSX+Adobe products=FAIL? Im just curious because my latest plan was to purchase all of these in a couple of months, once i get my financial aid for the coming semester of school. I guess ill keep my eyes on this forum until then.

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for dropping by. I am very close to resolving my issues with the Mac Pro and the Cintiq. If all goes well, I will be able to come to a conclusion on what has been causing all those crashes.

    Good luck in getting your financial aid, I hope you get it.


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