2 comments on “Extinguishing That Burned-Out Feeling

  1. Taking a step back for reflection is definitely the way to go. When you’re over whelmed with thoughts of deadlines, picking up your GF or son or thinking about everything else under the son including your own Dharmic creations, it’s essential that you free your mind from the clutter thinking.
    When the human brain is over stimulated with thought, it freezes….plain and simple. And the only way I can think of unfreezing my head is to go into some deep meditation in my Reiki room so that I may be at piece with everything created and not so complete. I come out of it refreshed and balanced and can take on the project with a fresh perspective regardless of how many days I’ve already been plugging away at it.

    Cannibis helps as well. Well… At least for me 🙂

  2. I turn to my Ipod, blast the volume to a tolerable level, and try to get some sleep with Louis Armstrong rasping to my ears. Take note, I said “TRY to get some sleep”, as sleep tends to be so elusive when I’m in the middle of a design job. Funny (and sadly too), some of the most fantastics ideas hit me when I’m about to sleep.

    If the Ipod thing doesn’t work, I go take a walk, munch on as many chocolates I can get hold of and stay as far away from the computer as possible. The fresh air coupled with the sugar rush works for me. 🙂

    I love your blog by the way!


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