7 comments on “Wacom Support Refuses To Help Me On My Issue!

  1. Hi Jasreet,

    No, the modbook does not have the processing power for the kind of work I do. Thanks for the suggestion, though.


  2. Hey Randy,

    Sorry to hear about your misfortunes with the Cintiq and your Mac. To be honest with you, I use a MacBookPro and it’s connected to my Cintiq 21UX and it flawlessly executes all of my Flash/ Photoshop work and basically anything that I can throw at it.

    I am thinking that you may have a few bonked chipsets in your mac. I’m not sure how old your mac is but that does not matter.

    With the laundry list of problems you’ve presented on your blog, one can only think that one of the two is the bad seed and would recommend using some warranty action if you still have them under one.

    Best of luck to you bud,

    C.S. Murphy

  3. So sorry to hear that. always the same with them. They trot of the usual scripted responses and when it doesn’t fit into that they absolve themselves of all responsibility. The smallest chink of light in my 10.5.4/wacom world is that after having the usb unplugged for several weeks I decided to to plug it in today and low and behold the damn thing works. After ignoring it for so long it was just on the off chance. the thing is as usual it starts working in the middle of a job that I don’t need to be using it on. I’m guessing that it will stop working when I actually need it. No grey screens of death just ps cs3 crashing when I use third party plugins occasionally……well thats all the break I’m allowed this weekend back to work…….


  4. Sorry randy, I know I mentioned that the english wacom forum has been down for months now saying it will be back in a few days but they have now added to this by writing this.


    This forum is moderated. Wacom reserves the right to delete comments, which are offensive or libellous, and which aren′t related to the nature of this forum. The official forum language is English. However, comments in other languages are allowed, but we will only post our answers and comments in English.

    Due to maintenance work the Wacom Forum remains closed and will re-open in the next days.

    Seems like the forum was getting a little too real for wacom
    and it got frightened with all the criticism it was getting.
    they’re not very good at owning up to problems , they would rather pretend they don’t exist….. Hope you’ve managed to
    resolve your problem. Mine works intermittently but for some reason isn’t allowing me to callibrate… ho huum… it wouldn’t be wacom without it I suppose.


  5. Hi Randy,

    This is a really late reply,
    but i’d like to say you have a bit of a strange problem there.
    Since I’ve worked with cuttingedge productions (i started here may 1 2008, i’ve been deploying/attaching cintiq model DTZ-2100 with mac-pros and mac-g5’s with only a few problem. Most of it is video adapter related (that is crap nvidia video adapters. sort of like in every basket there would always be a potential for the first rotten apple). Poor analogy aside, my usual setup is that the cintiq is also the lone monitor. In your case, you seem to be using it in “dual display” mode so i guess your problem might be video adapter e.g. nvidia related? anyway, just trying to input some ideas. considering how late this post is, i believe your problem may long be solved already so there may be not much point in this post anyway. Good to hear and know that you’re doin well there. I still miss our old “Topdraw Days”.

    live long and prosper bro!


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