3 comments on “Are You Still There, My Gremlins?

  1. Thanks for the link Randy. I was trying to figure out where you live by the photos and figured it was somewhere in Canada. Are you in Vancouver? What shows have you worked on lately? Nice to digitally meet you.

  2. Hi Todd! Thanks for dropping by! I am from the Philippines and I am now Calgary based. I am an independent contractor currently doing posing and animation for Studio B Productions right now and have worked on Being Ian, The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers and Ricky Sprocket. I used to work for Top Draw, the animation studio in the Philippines too. You also may have stumbled upon me at Animation Forum; my alias there was “Sandrock”. We’ve exchanged some brief messages there in one of the threads discussing how Top Draw’s work on Being Ian gradually became good as the season progressed.

    I am a fan of your work on Honkbarn. Glad you can stop by!


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