3 comments on “Getting My Groove Back

  1. Hey Dong, how nice that you decided to pick up where you left off in guitar playing. Music is a great de-stresser and should really help you feel better about yourself your work and your world in general. This is more of finger exercise which is good in itself however, don’t neglect the general exercise for fitness as you need more to get the rest of your boddeee movin….

    Plan to do jogging or brisk walking in the park to get a whiff of fresh air that Canada, especially Alberta, is so famous for.

  2. Hi randy,,,, a change of subject is as good as a rest… nice
    GIT-TARS,,,, I know what you mean. I used to play a lot myself, various instruments including guitar but I used to session on bass touring and recording… I even recorded an album on your side of the pond once in new york back in the mid 90’s Damn feeling old. My philosophy is that everyone should be able to play at least one instrument so that if there’s no power/lights you can always feel free to pick up an instrument…… It satisfies my creative side… probably the only reason I’m comfortable with not playing much now is that I’ve have a creative outlet with work…..Glad I wrote this it’s reminded me that even with all the cintiq crap , it’s good to do what I do for a living…. (cintiq still really annoying though)……


  3. Oh a little tip. I a massed a fair few bass’s over the years and rather that leaving them all in their cases I decided to hang some of them on the wall using guitar wall mounts. Inexpensive, take up less footprint/floor space , look great (3d pictures, things of beauty) and it’s safer that leaving that on floor stands……


    a card carrying member of the ‘WACOM JOY NO LUCK CLUB’

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