7 comments on “Hello, Crash.

  1. Hi Tatu! I was about to say “don’t upgrade your software until you’re sure the new releases are stable” (the more considerate software developers usually provide links to both the most recent release and the latest stable release) but then, meh. It seems that you need them up to date for your recently purchased software? Oh well. Lots of luck! I suggest you stay in 10.5.1 unless you can’t live without 10.5.3 😛

  2. Haha, Hi Gerry! As much as I am hating it right now, I still will not give it up. Na spoiled na ako nitong Cintiq. When I had to use the regular Wacom tablet, yikes, it suddenly felt odd!

  3. Hi Just, you were right about that. I’ve been reading about how some Mac users too who generally avoid doing software updates on new releases. Now that I found out how it is, I intend to avoid it in the future. Well, not on the production machine, but probably on another HD to test it out.

    It is just that I need 10.5.3 to run some other applications. But right now, 10.5.1 is stable enough to run Flash and that tablet driver.

  4. Hi Jasreet, Mac OS X is the one crashing. I am getting that “gray curtain of death”. To it’s credit credit, the Mac recovers much better than a Windows machine. Well, to my opinion anyway.

  5. Well I’m back from my first break from work in two and a half years….. come back to your blog for my usual update only to find Apple’s half cocked OS is up to it’s old tricks, so sad to hear it…… so business as usual than…… I’m too busy to try and get my Wacom working….. Good luck, hope you manage to get things talking properly in the near future……


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