9 comments on “Downgrade from Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.3 Looking Good.

  1. Hello, I just found out today that Wacom has a prerelease of a new tablet driver out. You can download it from the driver downloads section on their site. It’s version 6.08. I read the release notes and it did not say anything about fixing OS X from crashing, but since it is not the final version of the driver you can write them about it. If they have not fixed the problem yet in this version then hopefully they will be able to still get a fix in before it is released.

    Here’s a quote from their pdf about the driver,

    “This release candidate (RC) has passed the Wacom-internal QA cycle and is scheduled for release to manufacturing on July 1, 2008. If users of this driver find significant issues, Wacom will seek to fix them and post a revised release candidate of this driver version.
    Users may submit bug reports at http://www.wacom.com/productsupport/reportdefect.cfm. Wacom quality assurance validates these bug reports, but does not provide technical support and usually will not send a reply directly to users who submit at bug on this page. Wacom does appreciate your bug submissions and these submissions do help us to improve our drivers in significant ways. If you require technical support, please point your browser to http://www.wacom.com/productsupport/ for Technical Support contact information.”

  2. Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for the heads up! I surely will take a look at this one. Since it is a pre-release, I will update on a separate installation to make sure I still keep the version that is still crash-free.

    Thanks again,


  3. hello
    i am also having issues with 10.5.3 how do u downgrade?
    did u just put in the leopard install disk again and reinstalled the whole OSX?

    would u lose everything on the laptop then?

  4. Hi Allen,

    Sorry to hear about your issues with 10.5.3.

    To downgrade, I hade to put the Leopard install disk again and reinstalled everything, including all my apps. It’s hard work!

    If you are running Time Machine on an external hard drive, then your data will be safe and you can just restore it once you are done reinstalling. If you are not on Time Machine, then you must back-up all your files to an external source before you do the reinstall.

    I did not do an Archive and Install because I wanted a really clean OS to start with so I can narrow down the possibilities of what is causing the issue.

    I do not claim to be a Mac expert, but that was the steps I did to downgrade. You might want to look up some forums on Mac to find the easier way to downgrade to 10.5.1.

    Hope that helps!


  5. Glad I’m not the only one who is experiencing this. I have been seriously considering downgrading my Mac. I hate the idea of having to re-install the whole OS from scratch though, but 10.5.1 did work so much better.

    Maybe 10.5.5 will be better??

  6. Hi Dave!

    Man, that is a bummer. Thanks for letting me know about your own issues; I was thinking I was the only one experiencing it too.

    I’ve been sending my crash report regularly to Apple, so I am on the same boat as you and am hoping that 10.5.5 will make things better.


  7. hey my mac is pretty new so it came with 10.5.2 which i cnt run my DJ program serato on……..because i have no history or disks with anything lower than 10.5.2 is there any other way to downgrade??

  8. Hi Mike,

    Yikes, this I do not have a ready answer to. I always thought that an all new Mac comes with the 10.5.1 installer disk. If that is not the case with yours, then you might want to try Apple’s own Support page at Apple.com and see if they have it there. Or give Apple Support a call.

    Hope that helps.


  9. just to let you guys know if you downgrade from leopard to tiger or lower and later on upgrade back to leopard you will loose all of your ilife (imovie,idvd etc.) As it comes pre installed on your mac and isn’t given to you. Then they charge you $60 to put it back on.Just thought i’d let you know!

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