One comment on “Sunny The Day Before And Now…

  1. Hey Dong, how have you been? We emailed you last Saturday – Aica and I. Did you get it?

    Yesterday was unable to go online because I was home and had no computer. Remember that Chel brought the Ibook (as usual thinking that she will have time to use it). She arrived last night and we became busy talking and talking.

    Kasi Aica and Aina took the ACB cerfication exam last Saturday na kasabay nga ng graduation ni Justinpogs. It was given by Christine Walsh, the director of the Australian Conservatoire of Ballet (training based on the Russian (Vaganova) Method of Classical Ballet.

    Thus Chie kept on badgering Chel if she already got a whiff of what grade they got – highest is distinction and lowest is pass. The reason for Chel going to Iloilo is to join Vella and Christine Walsh in the examination of the students of Sol Fernandez who was one of Chel’s fellow dancer of PBT. His most memorable performance as far as I can remember is the role of Rothbarth – the evil sorcerer of Swan Lake — father of the Black Swan Odile.

    They watched the rehearsals only and for the rest of the days, Chel, Malu and Maricar spent their time eating and staying in bed while watching TV – yong ang genuine R&R.

    E dahil magkasama nga sila ang iniisip ni Chie e mag reveal si Chel kung sinabi na kanya kung ano ang naging grades ng dalawang girls. But no dice. Sa Tuesday pa i-release ni Vella ang kanilang score sheets. And if they get Distinction, then they get a medal come recital time.

    Actually both girls are very good now and really deserve a certificate of Distinction. However, as I have said Miss D is mum and so we are all on tenter hooks waiting for the results.

    The two girls, including the new stage mother had really worked hard preparing for this exam.

    Ang ganda ganda naman ng photo mo and it is so ironic because these past few days were just totally humid!!!! Kaya talagang talagang pawis to the max!

    Okay then – kamusta ka na? We miss you a lot!

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