6 comments on “At Work With The Wacom Cintiq 20WSX.

  1. Great blog Randy. I’m a huge animation-fan and have dabble a little bit in the arts myself from time to time (nothing up to your pro-level though). That Cintiq-thing looks like the bees-knees though!

    Any chance of seeing any of your work online?

  2. Hi Benjamin! Thanks for stopping by.

    The Cintiq is indeed pretty awesome. I highly recommend it!

    I would love to post some of the work I do online, but unfortunately I am contractually bound not to. However, I have links of some of the Flash series I have worked on at the right side bar of this blog under “Flash Series”.

    I also have an “Animation” tab at the top of this blog and I have posted some of my early dabbles in Flash. They are embarrassing for me to look at right now, being that I made them while I was still learning how to animate. However, I intend to create some new original content and I shall post them as soon as they are complete.


  3. Great site. I’m a young animator and I recently added a Cintiq 20WSX with a 23″ Cinema Display to my set up. I love it. I’m about to begin animating frame by frame with the Cintiq. I wish I could find information on the best workflow for such a task.

    I agree with your post above. I hate looking at my past work.

    Have a great day.

  4. Hi Mike,

    I have not tried the 21UX, but the Cintiq I am using works very well with animation. It is much easier to use the Cintiq to move stuff around and draw new elements than using a regular tablet like the Intuos 3.


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