7 comments on “How I became an Animator Part 3: Being a Clean-Up Artist.

  1. I just saw a movie and the credits had lots of in-between artists and clean-up artists, and this was by far the best explanation the internet has to offer as to what those people do.

    Nice one! Sounds like you do good work in a fun field.

  2. Hi, can you post something about the Animators salary here to have an idea how to get paid (in a studio and a freelance) and how much it must be?? (just the average n the Philippines and in Foreign country) Animators including CUIB artist, DIP artist etc.

    I’ve been searching about these things on the internet but can’t find any proper answers and then suddenly I saw your post (It helps me) and I think you can help me finding answers about it.
    I hope you read this. THANKS! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Hi Regina! I am not sure how much Animators in the Philippines are being paid right now. I’ve been away living in Canada for years that I’ve lost track.

      The probable reason on why it’s hard to find the information on salaries is that it is sort of a confidential thing, I guess. Sorry if I am not of help in that matter. Cheers!

  3. hello! m looking for an online job for cuib artist then i stumbled upon this blog. regarding the how much an artist earn depends on his or her output. rate/ftg. the skillset (software), and the studio. the rate though dpends on the client. roughly a clean up/in betweener is rated min of 350.00 up (also depende sa show /project). the animator is rated a bit lesser than the cuib artist simply because the cuib artist does the 3in1 work (clean-up, in-between, tones and highlights). for DIP somewhat has the same rate with the cuib. and that is for digital 2d only. for trad (hand drawn) the rate starts from 12.00 up per paper. hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

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