10 comments on “How I became an Animator Part 2: The Road to Fil-Cartoons.

  1. Hello Randy, everything well? I live in Brazil, a country of South America. I was seeking some thing on the cartoon Meena, and on Fil Cartoons, and I found its address. I was seeking the music that was theme of opening of the cartoon of Meena, that I could see here in a Television in my country. I liked that music a lot but I don’t get to find her in the internet. Perhaps because I don’t know the name of that music. I have a small studio at home, where I make illustrations and cartoons for commercial of TV. I have some projects that I want to develop and I hope to get help for some series of TV in cartoon. My country doesn’t have any tradition in production of cartoons and that not even books on the subject I get to find. I have that always to run over the friends to get books to a library on cartoons that I am trying to set up, as form to motivate more people to like it and they try to enter in that wonderful art that is the art of the cartoon. If you have some publication, book or magazine of its country that it can order for me or if you can give more information thereabout on the cartoon I would thank a lot. I have a small work published in the you tube and if you want to give a glance, write the word animastrella and to seek, that you will see some thing that we do here. I work with 3 friends. An editor, a musician and me, making the cartoons. A hug, and I hope you are happy. Of the Brazilian friend Alex.

  2. You worked at Fil-toons?


    I love Phillipines animation.

    Well could you tell me about how fun it was?

    • Hi James! Wow, I am at a loss for words on how much fun I had while I was still working in Fil-Cartoons. It’s definitely crazy there: imagine hundreds of artists, kindred spirits all! I have never seen so much talent in one building!

  3. I am a mother of a girl whom I see to be so occupied in drawing some sorts of cartoons. Her name is Linnel Faye Malibiran. She is in fourth year high school. She doesnt know what to get in college as a course. I told her to take up chemical engineering. But as I can see her interest it’s very far from becoming an engineer. But as we know, to be in fine arts is a suicidal course. You got a very little chance of earning. Until I see this Fil-cartoons. Is there future in this kind of profession. Meron ba nito sa Philippines?

    • Hi Faith!

      Working in Animation is a lot of fun! There definitely is a future for somebody looking into taking up animation as a full-time profession! However, it requires lots of blood and tears and needs dedication in order for one to survive and succeed in the business. If your daughter is really serious about taking animation, she way inquire about it at LaSalle Saint Benilde; they have a full-time for animation there, I think.

      Thanks for visiting and good luck!

    • If you are Mike de Leon, Architect and former Fil-Cartoons Clean-up Artist, then you do!



  4. OK naman pre, currently im a manila bulletin cartoonist. may comic strip din ako, SISIW, every 2 sundays a month lang napa-publish.

    ikaw mukang maraming raket ah?

    miss ko na yung batch natin. craziest batch yata yun, even compared sa ibang work experience ko.


    pls email me ur number para makapagkamustahan maigi.

  5. Hi Randy! Nonoy here..Remember me? Almost pareho pala pinagdaanan natin nung wala pa tayo sa Fil..I’m a graduate din ng Architecture but found my true calling in animation. I was a draftsman in Makati when i saw an ad in the Bulletin back in ’91. Btw, it’s only recently that i learned you know Benjie Marasigan. Former classmate ba? I know late mu lang nalaman ang nangyari kay Liezel. Sad nga eh.. Anyway, glad i stumbled this site of yours. God bless..

    • Hi Nonoy, glad to see you here! Yes, I heard about Benjie and Liezel. So sad.

      Thanks for dropping by!


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